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About Us

We are a genetic testing company founded in 2009. We emphasize in preventive medicine by offering services of cutting edge technology that include practical recommendations and professional advices through genetic and nutritional counseling. Being at the forefront of nutrigenomics, we utilize medical history, genetic information, physical activity, dietary patterns, and nutritional status to craft the ideal health solutions for our clients.

We also offer a gene test that discover genetic variations that contribute to intelligence, personality characteristics, superior athletic performance, musical ability, dancing ability and other areas where humans can excel. Psychologists and education specialists say that this is the ‘missing puzzle’ in their quest to help parents pick out the right development programs for their children.

Our staffs and affiliates comprise of physicians, professors, naturopathic practitioners, dietitians, researchers, psychologists, scientists and biochemists. We are confident that our cutting edge biotechnology and professional counseling services will ensure our clients a new pathway towards living a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Honorary Board Members

Dr. Ernest Wong
Specialist in Cognitive Development
Founder, Learning Mastery Pte Ltd

Dr. Hayk S. Arakelyan
Full Professor in Medicine
Researcher of Clinical Pharmacology

Dr. Inderjeet Singh
Cancer Research Awardee
Vice-Principal, St. John’s International School

Dr. Fred Biney
PhD. in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Director, Biney’s Natural Health Center
United States

Dr. Chanboonyasitt
Founder, Thai-Korea Research Center

Dr. Ratih Zimmer
Neuro Scientist
Ministry of Education Consultant

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