What are genes?

Genes are biological units of the body which provide the directions for the body to function. They consist of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and determine an individual’s inherited traits.  For example, some genes are responsible for the colour of the eyes while others are responsible for the height of an individual. Genes, being the building blocks [...]

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What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing are tests conducted on genes to find out more about a person’s genetic makeup.  For example, some of the common genetic tests include tests for mutations which may lead to diseases, or tests to determine ancestry.  Some other functions of genetic testing include: Give a diagnosis if someone has symptoms. Show whether a [...]

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How is genetic testing performed?

Genetic tests are commonly conducted on a person’s DNA, chromosomes or enzymes, with DNA testing being probably the most commonly-employed method. Tests on DNA may be performed on a person’s blood, body fluids or tissues. In our case, we perform the tests on a person’s DNA, which are acquired via the buccal cells.

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How are samples collected?

We employ a painless and non-invasive procedure which does not involve blood when collecting DNA samples from our clients.  This simple procedure which takes only a couple of minutes is performed as follows: Step 1: Use a DNA swab Step 2: Place the swab against the interior wall of your cheek and gently scrape, moving the swab in an up-down movement. Repeat [...]

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How accurate are the results of these tests?

The results of the tests offered by Map My Gene are known to be scientifically-proven to assert up to 99% accuracy.  Clients can be rest assured that Map My Gene will only offer tests that have met stringent standards of validity, consistency and accuracy.

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Where do I go to get my tests done?

You can get your test done at our office available at various locations or through our authorized agents.  Alternatively, you may place an order for the test kit online by contacting us at info@mapmygene.com and we will deliver the test kit together with the necessary instructions to your mailing address.

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