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Inborn Talent Genetic Test was
Featured on Singapore Newspaper

Inborn Talent Genetic Test Featured on Singapore Newspaper

More details on Inborn talent dna and gene test for children

Inborn Talent Genetic Test

The Inborn Talent Genetic Test helps parents discover their children’s hidden talents that may not be obvious at a young age.   It also reveals some personality traits that the child may possess, judging from his/her genetic make-up.

Since knowledge is power, early identification of a child’s hidden talents will help you take control and maximize the development of your child.  Not only will you be able to find out which areas of your child’s development you should focus on to unleash his/her potential, you are also able to intervene early to tackle potential problems with your child before they become more difficult to reverse.  By building a strong foundation at an early age, your child has a higher chance to succeed in life!  The report also includes a career profiling assessed based on the child’s unique abilities and talents discovered from the gene test.  This profile will provide the child with a good educational and career guidance.

Benefits of the Inborn Talent Genetic Test

  • Discover your child’s innate talents & personality traits and select the right development program for him/her according to his/her inclination.

  • Better utilize and invest your efforts, resources and time to develop your child’s gifted areas to maximize his/her potential and returns on your investments

  • Predict and intervene early to tackle potential problems with your child before they become difficult to reverse

  • Adopt effective child discipline by tailoring your discipline strategies to your child’s personality

  • Give your child a head-start and plan for your child’s future more effectively and efficiently

  • Receive a career profiling assessed based on your child’s unique abilities discovered from the gene test

  • Choose the right education for college

  • Receive a post-test consultation by our in house consultant who provides advice on your child’s talent & character developments

Inborn Talent Genetic Test (46 Talents & Traits)

Personality Traits

1. Optimism
2. Risk-taking
3. Persistence
4. Shyness
5. Composure
6. Split personality
7. Hyper Activeness
8. Depression
9. Impulsive
10. Attentiveness
11. Mouldability


12. Intelligence
13. Comprehension
14. Analytical
15. Memory
16. Creativity
17. Reading Ability
18. Imagination


19. Performing
20. Musical
21. Drawing
22. Dancing
23. Literature
24. Linguistic


25. Affectionate
26. Faithfulness
27. Passion
28. Propensity for Teenage Romance / Sexual Maturity
29. Sentimentality / Emotion Sensitivity
30. Sociability
31. Self Reflection
32. Self Control


33. Endurance
34. Sprint
35. Technique
36. Training Sensitivity
37. Tendency of Sport Injuries
38. Sport Psychology

Physical Fitness

39. Height
40. General Wellness
41. Obesity


42. Sensitivity to 2nd-hand Smoke
43. Insensitivity to 2nd-hand Smoke


44. Alcoholism
45. Smoking
46. General addiction

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