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Inborn Talent Genetic Test

A successful future begins when parents understand and devote themselves to develop the potential their child possess since birth.

The Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) helps parents like you to discover your child’s talents that may not be obvious at a young age along with personality traits that they have. Knowing your child’s genetic make-up allows you to take control of their development to nurture their talents. It also allows you to intervene in their weaknesses at an early stage before it takes root in your child.

With the career profiling report that comes with the genetic test, this test package is the roadmap for you to plan your child’s future towards success.

Time Management

Invest your efforts and time in only the right classes and developmental programs. 

Effective Planning

With the certainty of your child’s innate abilities, planning for his or her future career path has never been easier.

Big Savings

Focus more resources on the aspects that truly matter to develop your child’s full potential.

Parenting & Development Approach

Adopt effective child discipline by adjusting your parenting strategies to suit your child’s personality.

Give your Child a Real Headstart

Give your child a real headstart in life by grooming him or her according to his or her inherent talents and abilities.

Happier Parent-Child Relationship

Avoid unwanted arguments with your child as a result of forcing him or her to do things he or she isn’t good in.

The Missing Puzzle – FOUND

DNA Scientists have discovered what psychologists, coaches and education specialists are touting – a missing puzzle in their quest to support parents in developing their children. 

Now you can replace trial and error with 99% accurate predictions through genetic testing.



Use DNA science to make predictions about your children’s natural talents and groom them according to their genetic aptitude. You know the right path for them because it’s in their genes!

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“They can give the child a head start, no more guessing games, no more trials and errors, just focus on their talents that they have discovered, zoom in and develop it, and maximize it to the fullest potential!” - Irene Hannah Tan, Educational Psychologist

Normal Parenting:

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.42.25

Jane learnt to walk and talk as an infant, her parents didn’t think much about her natural talents.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.52.22

Jane enjoyed running and playing outdoor with other children. By a stroke of luck, she won a race.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.52.11

Jane’s parents thought she had an aptitude for running. Lots of money was spent for expensive shoes, equipment and classes to invest in Jane’s talent.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.50.23

After a while, Jane lost interest in running and wanted to pick up piano instead.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.50.37

Though Jane displayed her natural flair for music, Jane’s parents were not willing to invest in expensive classes and a piano for her for fear of Jane's interest loss again in piano after some time just like what she did to sports.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.50.51

As a result, Jane never got to pursue piano and music in life.

Genetic Leveraged Parenting:

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.42.25

Jane’s natural inclination for music was known from the beginning as an infant.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.53.51

Jane’s parents honed her musical sense by exposing her to music and bought her musical toys.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.50.23

Jane's parents enrolled her to music lessons when she was 3.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 23.53.43

Jane became a piano prodigy at 7 years old and started composing when she was 10.


Genetic revolution

Dr. Robert Plomin’s Take on Genetics and Education

Nature Vs. Nurture (Which is more important?)

BOTH are important! But NATURE first.


"We should understand our genes first, and then see how environmental influences go, so after we milk Nature as much as we can then we go back to Nurture. " -James Watson, 2 times Nobel Prize Winner, American Biologist and Geneticist

Parenting No. 1

I’m not sure what my child’s talents are, but I will just use a series of trial and errors to find out.


High Talent


No Environment


Hidden Talent

If nature never meets the right nurture, the genes won’t be switched on, and they will be repressed, it becomes a hidden talent, and there will be no development.

Parenting No. 2

I understand that my child is not good in piano as compared to his peers, but I will give him the best school and the best teacher.


No Talent


High Environment


Partial- Outstanding

If we force children to do things they are not endowed with, the effort has to be doubled. There will only be partial development as there is no gene to switch on regardless of how much you push him. Your child will only stay at an ordinary level, but we want our children to rise above mediocrity.

Parenting No. 3

Knowledge is power. Now I understand what my child’s Talents are and I will direct his path accordingly.


High Talent


High Environment


Child Prodigy

If you have the nature and given the right nurture, you can become a genius! It is no longer a question of Nature or Nurture, we should ask a more sophisticated question of whether we have a perfect match of nature AND nurture interaction in our child’s development.

Map My Gene's 46 talents and traits spread across 8 distinct categories


Personality traits

Optimism, Risk taking, Persistence, Shyness, Composure, Split Personality, Hyper-Activeness, Depression, Impulsive, Mould-ability

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Intelligence, Comprehension, Analytical, Memory, Creativity, Reading Ability, Imagination



Alcoholism, Smoking, General Addiction

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Performing, Music, Drawing, Dancing, Literature, Linguistic

heart-shaped-hands-sign -concept-shot-female-hand-44381570


Affectionate, Faithfulness, Passion, Propensity for Teenage Romance, Sentimentality, Sociability, Self-Reflection, Self-Control

cutmypic (1) copy 2


Endurance, Sprint, Technique, Training Sensitivity, Tendency of Sports Injuries, Sport Psychology

cutmypic (1) copy 3

Physical Fitness

Height, General Wellness, Obesity

cutmypic (1) copy


Sensitivity to Second-hand smoke, Insensitivity to Second-hand smoke


According to John Holland's theory, most people are one of six personality types. This profile serves as a reliable roadmap for you to plan your child’s path towards educational and career success.


Practical, physical, hands-on, tool-oriented


Analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative


Creative, original, independent, chaotic


Cooperative, supporting, helping, healing, nurturing


Competitive environments, leadership, persuading


Detail-oriented, organizing, clerical

What makes ITGT the #1 choice for parents?

Very Accurate and Valid

By leveraging on cutting-edge technology to conduct genetic testing, you can be assured that your child’s test results are scientifically proven and 99% accurate. Test results have also met stringent standards of validity, consistency, and accuracy. Also, your child’s test results will generally be valid over his/her entire lifetime.

Comprehensive Results

With 46 Talents and Traits in our Inborn Genetic Talent Test (ITGT), you will have access to all the essential information about your child in a single, comprehensive test report. This saves you money from having to take any other extra tests.

Integrated Solution

After the gene test, we also offer practical recommendations and professional advice through genetic counseling. This will provide you with the necessary action steps required to start grooming your child based on his/her innate talents and personality traits.