Dr. Wong | Obstetrician and Gynecologist - DNA Mapping is the key to robust health

My own gene mapping from Map My Gene reveals my susceptibility to inflammation of the intestines, gastrointestinal cancers, liver cirrhosis, and Alzheimer disease. I know I have been suffering from diverticulitis (a common digestive disease found particularly in the colon) since my early 30’s and fatty liver in my late 30’s. Both my father and paternal grandfather died of intestinal cancers. Presently, I am doing all I can to avert following their footsteps because I know environmental factors can have enormous potential to either preserve my health or cause diseases. This can only be done if I have important knowledge of my genetic makeup.

A spin-off from DNA/gene mapping is that parents who want to know which direction to nurture their children can seek direction from gene talent mapping. There are various categories cover different genetic endowment like attention, intelligence, emotions, music, and sports for us to look at to further enrich our knowledge. This talent testing can be useful for educational streaming.

Dr. Wong | Obstetrician and Gynecologist