Kezia Pariury | Consultant - Genetic Test Saved Me Money, Time, and Energy

Thank you Map My Gene Indonesia, you have really saved my time, energy, and money by providing me with the most valuable and accurate information about my health. Now I am prepared to follow the dietary plan that suits me to help me live better and healthier. My genetic report shows that I am susceptible to Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Skin Cancer and Sjogren’s Syndrome which I never knew before. After having known this, I went for a health check through the method of blood-sampling and consult a doctor specialist. It turned out that my DNA test results were correct, my markers of 2 diseases predicted in my DNA results were slightly higher than normal. I’m so glad that I took this test. I can now live in peace as my genetic report has empowered me with personalized health management that teaches me ways to prevent sicknesses from now on.

Kezia Pariury, Property Consultant