I wished I took this test earlier.

When I discovered my genetic result, I couldn’t help but nodded my head in agreement. I inherited the genes from both of my grandfather and grandmother who died of the diseases that I am also prone to develop. Now, I have learned to take steps and targeted approach to prevent from contracting the diseases that I am susceptible to.

Looking at my distorted and crooked fingers, I wish I had done the DNA test years before so that I would have known I had rheumatoid arthritis gene buried in me. Then I would have cut down eating too much of my favorite legumes and nuts that increased my level of uric acid that eventually accumulated in my joints and inflamed the surrounding tissues. I also would have known that Omega-3 which was rich in DHA would help protect against joint inflammation which was recommended in my Personalized Health Management guide book. I would have had beautiful fingers if I took the DNA test earlier and acquired the knowledge that would teach me what were the do’s and don’ts to help me safeguard against the disease.

- Jennifer