Knowledge is Power! It Can Save Lives

I do not understand why people are willing to spend many thousands of dollars in cars, houses, and all the material things of the world but fail to invest a little money in their own health which is often regarded as the greatest wealth of all. Many will only begin to value health when they start to lose it.

Speaking about the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test which I took recently, I realized that the test can actually help save our lives as we can predict a susceptible disease early and start preventing it now.  The disease may never have a chance to develop.  Therefore, be smart!  Ignorance causes death.  Whereas, knowledge is power!  It can save our lives.  I am glad I have the power now to live a long and healthy life! The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test is the answer to all who seek after health, wholeness, and longevity.

- Abby