Thank God I found my genetic landmines!

I was not surprised when my Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test Report indicates that I have a predisposition to ovarian cancer which manifested in the death of my grandmother who died of the disease years ago.  Although I was saddened a little by the result, I knew I needed to face the fact and act upon it.  I clearly understand that it is better to deal with the known than the unknown so that I can take chance out of the equation and put control back into my hands.

According to my Personalized Health Guide book, milk, talcum powder, hair dye, hormonal creams, royal jelly are my genetic landmines which can switch on the gene, making me susceptible to ovarian cancer.  I also learned that I need to eat more cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli which is rich in Indole-3 Carbinol that converts bad estrogen to good estrogen (as ovarian cancer is a hormone related disease), and regular medical checkup is necessary.  So, knowing that helps me avoid triggers by eating correctly, living right, and avoiding environments that are not suitable for me.  Having known my gene type also helps me make the right career choices.  I was advised not to work as a hair stylist who often needs to keep in contact with hair dyes which is a trigger to the disease.  My eldest son who carries the gene that makes him prone to develop throat cancer was given pointers to avoid being a cook or smoker as fumes and smokes will trigger the gene.  He was also advised not to drink a very hot beverage or soup in high temperature as that could damage his throat cells.

I strongly recommend that everyone should have his/her DNA profiling done. Knowing your genetic strong and weak points enable you to devise a targetted approach that allows you to stay fit and healthy.

- Stephanie