The health recommendation is very informative and helpful!

I recently did a Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test and it showed that I am susceptible to heart disease and a few other diseases. My father died of heart disease 20 years ago. I find that the Genetic Test result is very accurate as it indicates that I also have this gene of my Dad, but the only difference is that I will not have my dad’s destiny as I am empowered by the knowledge that I have now which enables me to adopt an early intervention to prevent it.

I now begin to pay more attention to my genetic weak points (heart, brain, etc) and have started to monitor my lifestyle. I cut down working long hours in front of the computer till late at night as it will strain my heart and brain. I have also started doing moderate exercise and improved my eating habit according to the personal guide book that comes along with my Genetic test result. I think those who would like to live a long and healthy life should take this test which aims at protecting your health by taking the right steps years before symptoms ever have a chance to develop. DNA Genetic Test is a giant leap toward cancer and disease prevention.

- Andy Tan