Agatha Suci | Indonesian Idol Finalist - I'm satisfied with my children's DNA results!

I recently had my kids undergo the Inborn Talent Gene Test at Map My Gene. I was very interested in the test because of my background as an artist and my husband an architect. As a parent, I would very much want to find out my kids’ field of interest and talents, but the problem is that kids oftentimes are confused in what they really like and good at, let alone parents like us who are trying to find it out through observation.

As parents, we always think we understand our kids’ interests and talents well and direct them accordingly. Surprisingly, after having read our kids’ gene test reports, we were very happy, just like assembling a puzzle, we could not imagine the end result from the start, and anticipate a winning outcome. Moreover, the report is very detailed that includes the child’s character, memory ability, reading ability, drawing, music and dancing aptitudes. It even shows if your child has athletic talents. What I really like about the test is that the report comes with a Career Profiling assessed based on your child’s unique abilities detected from the gene test, it really gives full details about your child!

As a result, I now understand my children better and am able to focus on developing the talents of Kahlia and Arsa, my beloved children!

Agatha Suci, Mother of 2 and finalist of Indonesian Idol 2004