Herru Sinta Berliana | Taekwondo Medalist - The ITGT is like a crystal ball to predict the future

I was introduced to Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test by a good friend. The results accurately indicate that I have high technique genes together with endurance and sprint (explosive power) genes. Besides, I also attribute my winnings of Taekwondo sport which requires a lot of brain to my high IQ ability. In my career profile provided in my test report, I was recommended to be a Psychiatrist besides being an Athlete due to my strong S (social ability trait). I am now a retired athlete and a full-time Hypnotherapist. Interestingly, hypnotherapy is similar to and has the same objective as psychotherapy whereby they both help and work on healing patients’ disorder and illnesses. I found this test very accurate and intriguing to the point that it is like a crystal ball that can predict a person’s abilities and future!

Herru Sinta Berliana | 3 times Sea Games Medalist in Taekwondo