The right path for my son

The Gene Test result shows that my child’s IQ is excellent, but he is very weak in sports which I totally agree.  My son is always No.1 in class in terms of studies but he can’t perform well in sports despite his fondness for sports.  Experts suggest in his DNA report that he will perform well in academics due to his high scores in his comprehension, analytical, memory and IQ genes.  I find the test very useful in my child’s future choice of education.

Although my child loves sports, I would rather develop my child from his strength and talents than from his weakness because I don’t want to spend unnecessary money and his time to develop him from areas that he is weak in.  It requires more effort and resources to achieve that.  After all, what I want for my son is the success and winning, not failures.  He still can enjoy sports as a form of exercise or hobby but they are definitely not his educational and career choices. Thanks to this wonderful Inborn Talent & Traits Gene Test which provides a clear direction for my son and myself so that I don’t have to go through the phase of confusion when comes to educating and nurturing my son because the future of my child is very important!

- Mdm Ho