Taufik Hidayat | Olympic Gold Medalist (IBF World, SEA Games) - This Test is Priceless!

I took an Inborn Talent Gene Test from Map My Gene recently because I found the test very fascinating as an insight to how people behave and excel differently.  I was also curious about what my own DNA had to say about me in regards to my talents and abilities.  When I saw the result, I was amazed at the high accuracy shown especially in Sports Category.  I have got many sports genes that had made me an athlete and a minister in the sports business now. This is a priceless test that I figure all parents would want to have for their child.  If I had the test done years ago when I was much younger, I would have developed and reached my full potential that I believe could catapult me to greater heights of success.

Taufik Hidayat, Olympic Gold Medalist (Men’s Singles), IBF World Championships Gold Medalist, 2 Times Sea Games Gold Medalist