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Mapmygene was founded in 2009 and our goal has always been to improve the lives of others through genetic testing. We strongly advocate the use of science for the betterment of our society as we have seen its benefits and know that it will help millions of people reach their fullest potential and enjoy a healthy and long life.

As of today, genetic testing is by far second to none when it comes to predicting one's inherent nature. As we all know, psychometric personality test results are transient and will certainly change depending on your age and what season you find yourself in. The only test result that doesn't change is gene testing. Scientific research in the past concluded that who we are is influenced by 70% genetics and 30% environment. Therefore, nature will undoubtedly play a bigger role when it comes to developing every facet of your life.

Here in Mapmygene, we specialize in helping our clients unravel that mystery through genetic decoding. Our gene tests were designed to discover genetic variations that contribute to intelligence, personality attributes, superior athletic performance, musical ability, linguistics and other areas where humans can excel. Psychologists and education specialists say that this is the ‘missing puzzle’ in their quest to help parents pick out the right development programs for their children.

On top of that, we also offer a gene test that predicts susceptible diseases by spotting gene mutations in your DNA. Through this genetic knowledge, we are able to tailor preventive health solutions for you according to your unique sets of genome. Being at the forefront of nutrigenomics, we hold a solid track record of happy and satisfied customers. This is because we emphasize on preventive care by utilizing genetic information, physical activity, and dietary patterns to craft the ideal health solution for our clients.

Our staffs and affiliates comprise of physicians, professors, naturopathic practitioners, dietitians, researchers, psychologists, scientists, and biochemists. We are confident that our cutting edge biotechnology and professional counseling services will ensure our clients a new pathway toward living a healthy and fulfilling life.


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