What are the things required for the tests?

Once payment has been approved, we will ship to you the following items to be submitted to us:
a. Consent Form
b. DNA Buccal Sample kit (Sterile Omni Swab, Centrifuge Tube, and Gloves)

The buccal swab is a noninvasive, painless device for the collection of cheek cells. The whole procedure of specimen harvesting will take about 2 minutes. For a copy of the instruction manual: Click here.

Mapmygene will cover the cost of shipping to you and back to our office. Once ready, place the tube and completed consent form into the prepaid envelope provided. Seal the envelope and mail it back to Mapmygene for free.

How will I receive my test results? 

If you order your test from an authorized agent or physician, you will receive a hard copy of your report. If you order your test online, you will receive your report in a soft copy via email.

How long would it take to receive my test results? 

It would take about 15-20 business days for it to be processed on our end. Once the results are out, we will proceed to send you an electronic report via email.

Will my Test Results be kept confidential? 

All of our client's test results are strictly confidential. In fact, Your DNA sample will only be identified by a serial code throughout the process to ensure your identity is kept private only between you and Mapmygene.

Who should take the Inborn Talent Gene Test?

In general, the ITGT is suitable for all who are seeking valuable insights for themselves. However, it is highly recommended for children below the age of 21, where they have many more life choices ahead of them. In addition, the younger the individual, the easier it is for parents to nurture the child as he/she could easily absorb new information, resulting in a head-start in life through early talent detection and development.

What is the ITGT - Mini Packages all about?

The ITGT Mini Package is a subset of the ITGT Full Package containing all 5 ITGT Mini Packages. This was done to accommodate our client's request who was very interested in the IQ portion of the test. Please note that the individualized career profiling report will not be included in this package but is provided in the ITGT Full Package. 

What talents and traits are included in the ITGT?

The ITGT is comprised of 5 categories and each category has its own unique traits and talents. Here is the list of the following:

a. Character Traits
b. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
c. Emotional Quotient (EQ)
d. Artistic Traits
e. Physical, Sports, and Wellness 

To download the PDF version of the ITGT Sample Report, please Click Here

Who should take the Disease Susceptibility Gene Test?

We believe everyone could make better life decisions when they have more information and knowledge at hand. Hence, this test is recommended to those interested in disease prevention through genetic testing. Knowing what diseases your genes are susceptible to can help you take action early in life to prevent the triggering of diseases, resulting in a healthier body and a greater lifestyle.

How does DSGT differ from Full-body medical examination?

In a typical medical examination, your doctor would look out for signs for anything that may be seen as harmful to the human body. By the time symptoms are identified, it is possible that the patient has already contracted the disease.

Concerning DSGT, it's sole purpose is to identify areas of higher risk regarding your DNA. A personalized health report will be provided to educate clients on how to correct their eating habits and lifestyle to prevent any high-risk disease from emerging. However, if you are already ill, the DSGT may confirm the high susceptibility rate of getting contracted with a certain illness, and provide you with alternative solutions to battle that disease.

How many diseases are covered in the DSGT?

100 diseases will be covered and are categorized in the following bodily systems:
a. Cardiovascular
b. Respiratory
c. Biliary
d. Digestive
e. Cerebral/Nervous/Neuro
f.  Eye/Nose/Ear/Mouth/Skin
g. Endocrine
h. Urinary
i.  Musculoskeletal

j.  Female-Related Disorders
k. Lymphoma and Others

To download the PDF version of the DSGT Sample Report, please Click Here

Who do I reach out to for further nutritional advice?

Our in-house dietitian is here to help you understand your test results and provide you with preventive measures tailored to your existing condition. Feel free to e-mail us at health@mapmygene.com. 

For enquiries please contact