4. Artistic Gene Test

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The Artistic Gene Test is comprised of 8 different artistic traits. Although each trait may contain its own unique characteristics, when put together, create a very informative report of how artistic one could become holistically. The following are brief descriptions of each artistic trait.  

Those who possess this gene enjoy public recognition whether it's performing on stage, public speaking, or acting. They are usually more expressive, enthusiastic, and vibrant as compared to the people around them. 

If you carry this gene, you have the tendency to enjoy playing instruments and create new melodies. Music comes very naturally to you and you love expressing yourself in lyrics or through sounds. 

People with the drawing gene exhibit strong visionary, perception, and observation abilities and are able to sketch a rough idea into an intricate piece of art. This is a gift that enables one to express himself through creative sketches.

Dancing is a form of art through bodily movements that allow the flow of thoughts and emotions. However, not everyone can dance. Some do it but very unnaturally. The ones who can dance well are more likely to possess this artistic trait. 

Those who carry this gene tend to be eloquent in writing and love to read and write poetry. This is because they enjoy expressing themselves creatively through the use of big and ambiguous words to provide the reader with an open interpretation with regards to its true meaning.

The ability to communicate articulately and eloquently is contingent on the linguistic gene. People with strong linguistic gene end up taking positions that require public communication or debate as they are able to fluently speak their minds in a very natural fashion.

The more creative you are, the higher your creativity gene. Those who can think outside the box and are unconventional in their ways of thinking are often gifted with the creativity gene in their DNA repository.

One who can conceptualize an idea without seeing the object in front of him is gifted with the imagination gene. Those who carry this gene tend to become designers where they carry the natural ability to imagine and bring that imagination to reality.


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