1. Character Gene Test

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The Character Gene Test is comprised of 13 different Personality Attributes. Although each trait may contain its own unique quality, when put together, create a very informative report of one's inherent characteristics. The following are brief descriptions of each genetic personality trait. 

Optimism is the positive state of mind of an individual. The higher the optimism gene, the higher the positive energy one would emanate. Harmony, health, beauty, success, and happiness all originate from thinking positively about yourself. 

Risk Taking
Those who carry this trait are more inclined to jump into the unknown. When the goal is strong enough, you will find a reason to do it even in the midst of uncertainty. This trait is different from simply looking for thrills and excitement but in an attempt to challenge existing boundaries.

When the going gets tough and you feel like giving up, the persistent gene would kick in and pushes you all the way until you've reached your desired goal. People with this gene carry a natural enduring disposition in their thoughts, mindset, and behaviors. This gene is also an indicator of one's willpower to achieve and overcome.

People who are shy exhibit the following attributes: sensitive, quiet, cautious, timid, and indecisive. They do not like to show their inner feelings and they enjoy being in their comfort zone, which is away from too much human interaction. However, shyness can also be a good trait as people who are shy tend to become great listeners and more likely to display empathy for others.

The meaning of conscientious is to be thorough and dutiful in one's own endeavor. People with this gene tend to be more reliable as they often embrace a positive outlook and are calm, honest, and dependable. They prioritize their promises made to others and are more likely to get their daily tasks squared away.

Split Personality
If you carry emotions that could fluctuate from one extreme to the other, chances are, you may also carry the split personality gene. By being in possession of this gene, one would adapt well in any given environment but could also face sporadic mood swings depending on the situation.

Another word for this gene is attention deficit. Those who carry this gene are more likely to suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Knowing how to intervene early before this attribute develops to maturity is paramount for the health of the individual. 

This gene increases the probability of becoming depressed in life. By dwelling in negativity or in an environment that puts you in a downward spiral, one could easily become pessimistic and eventually grow to have suicidal thoughts. 

People who are impulsive tend to be willful in demeanor and may even exhibit offensive behaviors. Domestic violence caused by impulsiveness has become a significant social issue. It is imperative for one with this gene to learn to control his/her own emotions so as to not suffer from unwanted consequences.

Some people can easily be taught than others. The ability to learn and adapt at a rapid rate lies in the strength of this gene. Knowing your child's level of mold-ability gives you the opportunity to tailor your teaching methods for his best development.

Self Reflection
A person with a self-correcting attitude will be quick to realize his/her own mistakes, quick to admit fault, and quick to reiterate the plan of action to pursue the bigger goal. Thus, people with this gene tend to be harsh critics of themselves, even though it's for the betterment of their own personal development.

Self Control
Those who carry this gene have the propensity to better control their thoughts, emotions, and actions. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from succumbing to temptations and keep yourself walking in a safe and upright manner.

This gene determines how long of an attention span one has for a specific task. 


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