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We strive to make genetic testing widely accessible to all communities. Our aim is to utilize the latest biotechnology to benefit everyone across the globe.


Our Vision

We foresee the use of human genome sequencing to reshape the way we educate our children and discover new methods of remedy in the health and wellness industry.

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Our biggest goal here at Map My Gene is to help you become the best version of yourself. We believe that the alignment of your lifestyle and genetic predisposition is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life. Instead of focusing on developing your weaknesses like everybody else, our philosophy is to help you work with what you’re naturally gifted through the discovery of your genes.

Your personality traits, natural artistic talents, athletic robustness, IQ and EQ, can all be uncovered through our Inborn Talent Genetic Test. We give each ability an aptitude rating and even go so far as to analyze each trait for your personalized career profiling report. By doing so, we are able to advise parents on their children’s unique abilities and help pick the right development programs for their children.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have amassed a solid track record of happy and satisfied customers, many of whom are medical professionals and well educated individuals. We are confident that our state of the art biotechnology and professional counseling services will ensure our clients a paradigm shift towards living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

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Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT)

We help you discover 46 Inborn Talents & Personality Traits + Personalized Career Recommendations.

DNA Kit Testing Singapore

Disease Susceptibility Gene Test (DSGT)

We help you see if you’re at risk to 100 of the most prevalent diseases of today.

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What They Say

The test results very accurately affirmed some of the traits my daughter has already been displaying like the various artistic ones, but it also highlighted others that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m sure as she gets older, she will display more of the strong traits that the test has mapped out. What really helps is that, now that I’m armed with this knowledge, I know how to enhance her activities accordingly and what to look out for in the future.

The test report also has detailed advice for me to nurture her talents without pushing her too much and allowing her to grow in her time. All in all, this has helped me understand my daughter better in a very scientific way and for that I’m very grateful.

Jamie Yeo

Gold 90.5FM Radio Hostess, Singapore

I took an Inborn Talent Gene Test from Map My Gene recently because I found the test very fascinating as an insight into how people behave and excel differently. I was also curious about what my own DNA had to say about me in regards to my talents and abilities. When I saw the result, I was amazed at the high accuracy shown especially in Sports Category. I have got many sports genes that had made me an athlete and a minister in sports business now.

This is a priceless test that I figure all parents would want to have for their child. If I had the test done years ago when I was much younger, I would have developed and reached the full potential that I believe could catapult me to greater heights of success.

Taufik Hidayat

Olympic Gold Medalist (Men’s Singles), IBF World Championships Gold Medalist, 2 Times Sea Games Gold Medalist, Indonesia

My wife and I were astounded by the result accuracy of my Inborn Talent Gene Test done at Map My Gene. The first 3 Career Recommendations for me are Research Director (I got my PhD in the research field and am currently leading a team of researchers), Lawyer (I owned a law firm many years ago) and Accountant (I agreed that I have strong accounting ability that even surpasses my own experienced chartered accountants). I strongly encourage those who are at the crossroad and need direction for their career or education to take this test so that they will be guided according to their innate ability that they sometimes don’t even know about.

As for the DSGT, my result showed that I had 4 conditions related to heart problems among others predicted, and I had a heart attack at the age of 18 and was hospitalized. You tell me how accurate this test can be? It predicted what it’s likely to happen to me if I did not take precautions and intervene early.

Dr. Chanboonyasitt

Researcher, Thailand

Map My Gene ITGT testing was effective for our family in order to confirm that the school we chose for our daughter was indeed the best choice to support her talents and interests. We had suspicions about our daughter’s abilities and unique behaviours which were solidified following a review of her report. We recommend Map My Gene as a tool to indicate certain potential strengths or weaknesses of the child in order to best support the child during formative years.

Erin Arvidson

Housewife, Australia

This is the missing puzzle that I have been working on for the past 25 years. If you could just spend a fraction of the money on this test, life will never be the same again. Knowledge is power. Advanced knowledge changes destiny. The choice is in your hands. Give your loved one a head start and take action now!

Dr. Ernest Wong

Cognitive Psychologist, Singapore

As a professional pilot, planning is paramount in my career – I employ the same philosophy for my children! I am happy with my decision to have my two children take the test as it has empowered me with the knowledge to plan and prepare for their future.

Looking back, I would have greater confidence and drive in achieving my goals had I taken the test when I was much younger. I have full confidence in my recommendation of MapMyGene to other parents to find the optimal path for their children.

Captain Krisztian

Pilot of Emirates, Dubai

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Your DNA is the blueprint of life.  It determines everything from how you look to how you behave.