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Why is DNA test so important?

Dr. Robert Plomin's Perspective on Genetics

Inborn Talent Genetic Test

When you were a child, did you know for sure that you were going to be a successful Doctor, Artist or Entrepreneur? 

The purpose of the Inborn Talent Genetic Test is to provide you the knowledge you need to thrive in life. When you are equipped with knowledge detailing your strengths and weaknesses, you know exactly what to work on without going through the painful trial and error. Thus, the ITGT has become a very popular gene test for children, teenagers and young adults.

Nurture your child

Live A Purposeful Life

Happier Relationships

"This is the missing puzzle that I have been searching for the past 25 years. By equipping yourself with this knowledge, life will never be the same again. As we all know, knowledge is power. But ADVANCED knowledge changes destiny!"

Dr. Ernest | Cognitive Psychologist - Advocate of Mapmygene's DNA tests

Inborn Talent Gene Test

Unlock your true potential by gaining access to all 5 ITGT Packages! A Career Profiling report is included in the ITGT Full Package to provide you with valuable insights and help you make better decisions in life.

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“The ITGT could provide a child with a head start in life, no more guessing games, and no more trial and error. By focusing on your children's talents, you are giving them the opportunity to maximize their lives to the fullest potential!

Irene Hannah | Educational Psychologist - Advocate of Mapmygene's DNA tests

Disease Susceptibility Gene Test

Genetics is a study of heredity. Knowing your genetic makeup is like having been given a new set of tools to deal with inherited diseases more effectively. Susceptibility does not mean inevitability. It simply means vulnerability. Predicting what diseases we have inherited and learning what action steps to take is the art of intervention. Before an inherited condition (Genes) can become a reality, it is turned off through genetic knowledge. Hence, cracking the code of your DNA to make predictions about your health is powerful science to a long and healthy life.

Why Test for Disease Susceptibility?

How to Sequence the Human Genome

Healthy Living


Peace of Mind

Disease Susceptibility Gene Test

100 diseases are covered in this package. Your personalized health report will also be included to provide you with solutions and guidance toward a healthy lifestyle.

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Curative medicine is used to treat patients only after they have fallen ill. With a curative focus we are missing out on preventive care that has the potential to more efficiently preserve health and save lives. Genetic testing is an important preventive measure that I would recommend to all my patients.

Dr. Anton | Medical Doctor - Advocate of Mapmygene's DNA tests

How It Works

Once we've received payment confirmation, Mapmygene will provide you with a sample swab kit. The sample is taken from the cheek cells and placed in a small container designed to preserve cells for years. Once the sample is taken, proceed to send the sample kit along with the consent form back to Mapmygene. Please know that it will take about 3-4 weeks to process and your report will be e-mailed directly to your inbox. Also, don't worry about 2-Way Shipping and Sales Taxes.  As a way of saying thank you, Mapmygene will cover both shipping costs and sales taxes!

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