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Maximise Your Child’s Fullest Potential

The Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT) objective is to help parents decode their child’s natural talents and aptitudes that may not be obvious at a young age. Giving your child a head start in proper nurture can maximise those aptitudes to the fullest potential.

The ITGT covers 46 talents and traits. The test reports come with a Career Profiling assessed by our team of psychologists based on one’s unique abilities detected from their genetic makeup. This profile can provide an individual with good educational and career guidance. Expert Suggestions giving insightful details to help parents effectively nurture and develop their child’s character and talents are also included in the report.

DNA Personality Test
Time Management

Invest your efforts and time in only the suitable classes and developmental programs.

Inborn Talent Genetic Test

Effective Planning

With the certainty of your child’s innate abilities, planning for their future career path has never been easier.

DNA Test Personality

Big Savings

Focus more resources on the aspects that truly matter to develop your child’s full potential.

Inborn Talent Genetic Test Singapore

Parenting Approach

Adopt effective child discipline by adjusting your parenting strategies to suit your child’s personality.

DNA Talent Test Singapore

Give your Child a Real Headstart

Give your child a headstart in life by grooming them according to their inherent talents and abilities.

DNA Talent Test

Happier Parent-Child Relationship

Avoid unwanted arguments with your child due to forcing them to do things they aren’t good at.

The Missing Puzzle – Found

DNA Scientists have discovered what psychologists, coaches and education specialists are touting – a missing puzzle in their quest to support parents in developing their children. 

Now you can replace trial and error with 99% accurate predictions through genetic testing in Singapore.

Decode Talent DNA Test

Genetic Revolution

Dr. Robert Plomin

Dr. Robert Plomin and his view on Genetics and Education.

“Our children’s ability to learn are all different. What makes them different? How can we maximize their development?”


Nature Vs. Nurture

Which Is More Important?

Singapore DNA Talent Test

Parenting #1

I’m not sure what my child’s talents are, but I will use a series of trials and errors and see how it goes.






Hidden Talent


If nature never meets the right nurture, the genes won’t be switched on, and there will be no development. The gift will be repressed and become a hidden talent.

Singapore Genetic Personality Test

Parenting #2

I understand that my child is not good at piano compared to his peers, but I will give him the best school and teacher.






Partial – Outstanding


If we push our children to do things they are not endowed with, the effort must be doubled, and there will only be partial development as there is no gene to switch on despite much hard work. Your child will only stay at an ordinary level, which will affect his self-confidence. We want our children to rise above mediocrity.

Singapore Genetic Talent Test

Parenting #3

Knowledge is power. Now that I understand my child’s innate talents through the ITGT, I will guide him accordingly.








If you have nature and are given the right nurture, you can become a genius! It is no longer a question of Nature or Nurture; we should ask a more sophisticated question of whether we have a perfect match of nature AND nurture interaction in our child’s development.

Map My Gene’s 46 talents and traits spread across 8 distinct categories

Personality Traits

Optimism, Risk taking, Persistence, Shyness, Conscientiousness, Split Personality, Hyper-Activeness, Depression, Impulsive, Mould-ability (10 Genes)


Intelligence, Comprehension, Analytical, Memory, Attentiveness, Creativity, Reading Ability, Imagination (8 Genes)


Performing, Music, Drawing, Dancing, Literature, Linguistic (6 Genes)


Alcoholism, Smoking, General Addiction (3 Genes)


Affectionate, Faithfulness, Passion, Propensity for Teenage Romance, Sentimentality, Sociability, Self-Reflection, Self-Control (8 Genes)


Endurance, Sprint, Technique, Training Sensitivity, Tendency of Sports Injuries, Sport Psychology (6 Genes)

Physical Fitness

Height, General Wellness, Obesity (3 Genes)


Sensitivity to Second-hand smoke, Insensitivity to Second-hand smoke (2 Genes)

What does your DNA tell about you?

DNA is the blueprint of life. It determines everything from how you look to how you behave. Understanding your genes allows you to make better decisions by focusing on specific skills developed from your natural talents rather than taking on the one-size-fits all approach to personal and childhood developments.

Career Profiling

Your Ideal Job

The Inborn Talent Genetic Test also includes a Career Profiling that serves as a reliable roadmap for you to plan your child’s educational and career success path locally in Singapore. According to John Holland’s theory, most people are one of six personality types. The RIASEC groups people based on their suitability for six different categories of occupations.

Your RIASEC code is a 3-letter combination of your top 3 dominance.

An example is a RIASEC code of [SEC]. It determines that a person is Social with a high preference for social interaction, followed by Enterprising, an inclination to lead and prompt others, and Conventional, which means more towards organised and structured work.

College Prep

Explore Career Options

Choose the Right Career

Career Switch

Talent Genetic Testing Singapore
Genetic Personality Test Singapore


Practical, physical, hands-on, tool-oriented

Talent DNA Test Singapore


Cooperative, supporting, helping, healing, nurturing


Analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative

Genetic Talent Test


Competitive environments, leadership, persuasion

Genetic Talent Test Singapore


Creative, original, independent, chaotic

Talent DNA Test


Detail-oriented, organized, tidy, meticulous, clerical

The test results very accurately affirmed some of the traits my daughter has already been displaying like the various artistic ones, but it also highlighted others that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m sure as she gets older, she will display more of the strong traits that the test has mapped out. What really helps is that, now that I’m armed with this knowledge, I know how to enhance her activities accordingly and what to look out for in the future.

The test report also has detailed advice for me to nurture her talents without pushing her too much and allowing her to grow in her time. All in all, this has helped me understand my daughter better in a very scientific way and for that I’m very grateful.

Jamie Yeo

Gold 90.5FM Radio Hostess, Singapore

I took an Inborn Talent Gene Test from Map My Gene recently because I found the test very fascinating as an insight into how people behave and excel differently. I was also curious about what my own DNA had to say about me in regards to my talents and abilities. When I saw the result, I was amazed at the high accuracy shown especially in Sports Category. I have got many sports genes that had made me an athlete and a minister in sports business now.

This is a priceless test that I figure all parents would want to have for their child. If I had the test done years ago when I was much younger, I would have developed and reached the full potential that I believe could catapult me to greater heights of success.

Taufik Hidayat

Olympic Gold Medalist (Men’s Singles), IBF World Championships Gold Medalist, 2 Times Sea Games Gold Medalist, Indonesia

As a professional pilot, planning is paramount in my career – I employ the same philosophy for my children! I am happy with my decision to have my two children take the test as it has empowered me with the knowledge to plan and prepare for their future.

Looking back, I would have greater confidence and drive in achieving my goals had I taken the test when I was much younger. I have full confidence in my recommendation of MapMyGene to other parents to find the optimal path for their children.

Captain Krisztian

Pilot of Emirates, Dubai


ITGT Questions

What is the Inborn Talent Genetic Test?

The Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) is a scientific DNA test to decode inherited and inborn talents of a child through the genetic makeup of the DNA that your child is born with. The test results help parents identify their children’s talents that may not be obvious at a young age but can be picked up from their genetic makeup.

How is the Inborn Talent Genetic Test performed?

You will be provided with a conclusive DNA test report within a month after the samples have been tested in our lab.Our DNA sample collection procedure does not involve collecting blood, ensuring a painless and non-invasive experience for your children. The whole process is completed effortlessly in a few minutes.

Step 1: Place an Order Online
Pick between the options Inborn Talent or Disease Susceptibility for the DNA test. It would typically take 5-7 days for your sample swab home kit to arrive at your doorstep.

Step 2: Swab Sampling
The kit will be provided with instructions for you to collect a sample from the comforts of your home. Deposit the tube and form into the pre-paid envelope and mail it back to our sample collection point.

Step 3: Profiling Report
You will be provided with a conclusive DNA test report within a month after the samples have been tested in our lab.

How is the Inborn Talent Genetic Test useful to me?

Knowing your child’s inborn talents allows you to groom your child according to their natural inclinations effectively. You can channel efforts and resources towards developing your child’s potential with more confidence. You no longer have to rely on guesswork, trial-and-error or fortune-telling. At the same time, you will also know what areas your child is not likely to excel in as your child is not naturally inclined toward those areas.

Can DNA tell you about your personality?

In theory, yes. Research suggests that the way our DNA is expressed – through the proteins that it codes for – can tell us a lot about our personalities. In the biological sense, genes are what we inherit rather than traits like behaviour or personality. With a personality DNA test such as the Inborn Talent Genetic Test, you can learn more about your genes and determine which attributes you are predisposed to.

Is human behaviour genetic or learned?

Human behaviour is influenced by genetic variations. The environment in which a person is raised can cause genetically predisposed behaviours; genetically identical individuals reared in various circumstances may display distinct personalities and behaviours. Taking a personality DNA test in Singapore can help you better understand yourself by determining the characteristics to which you are predisposed.

What personality traits are inherited?

Children are born with a certain temperament or personality, which is thought to be about 20-60% inherited and can be described as their level of sociability, emotional stability or impulsivity, activity level, focus or distraction, and persistence. Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test, a form of genetic personality test in Singapore, can identify these temperaments and assist parents in making informed decisions on how to raise their children best.

What personality traits are genetic?

The “big five” personality traits are extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Each of these traits exists in varying degrees in each individual’s personality. Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test covers personality testing through genetic testing as well as the Big 5 theory, which offers information regarding leadership potential, strengths, and potential roadblocks.

What are examples of inherited traits?

Genes don’t play a single role in shaping personality; instead, they help make up certain aspects of it, such as intelligence. For example, a gene called SLIT2 is associated with how quickly you process information and adapt to new information, while a gene variation called DRD4 is associated with how quickly you learn from mistakes. DNA personality tests can help individuals understand their strengths, limitations, and natural abilities. This information can help them choose a career path that suits their personality or nurture their innate skills.

How Accurate is Map My Gene?

The results of the tests offered are known to be scientifically proven to assert up to 99% accuracy. Clients can rest assured that we only offer tests that have met stringent validity, consistency, and accuracy standards.

Who should do this test?

Anyone! A DNA test can be performed at any age.

The ITGT provides valuable insights for individuals at any stage of career, emotional or personality growth. We recommend taking the ITGT as early in life as possible. Parents can give their children a head start in life to set a foundation to develop their children’s natural dispositions early.

Adults who find themselves at a career crossroad find it particularly useful to have an ITGT test done, as the career profiling aspect of the ITGT can help guide individuals towards careers they are most suited for according to their innate ability that they might not even be aware of.

Do I need to take the test again after some time?

Not likely. Genetic conditions are known to be very stable. Your DNA is unlikely to change over your lifetime. There is no need to test again for the exact attributes.

Will my results from Map My Gene genetic tests be kept confidential?

Your test results will be kept very strictly confidential. A model will only identify your sample’s serial number throughout most of the testing process to ensure the confidentiality of your identity.

Your test results will not be wilfully shared with any third party outside Map My Gene. Even within Map My Gene, client details will only be revealed on a need-to-know basis, and access to client details will be limited to only a select few employees who require the information to perform their work.

What makes ITGT the #1 choice for parents?

Very Accurate and Valid
By leveraging on cutting edge technology in our gene testing, you can be assured that your child’s test results are scientifically proven and 99% accurate. Test results have also met stringent validity, consistency, and accuracy standards. Also, your child’s test results will generally be valid over their entire lifetime.

Comprehensive Results
With 46 Talents and Traits mapped in our Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT), you will have access to all the essential information about your child in a single, comprehensive test report inclusive of Career Profiling. This saves you money from having to take any other extra tests.

Integrated Solution
This gene test includes practical recommendations that will provide you with the necessary action steps to start grooming your child based on their innate talents and personality traits.

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