6 Reasons Why It Pays to Invest in a DNA Test for Your Child

Aug 16, 2022 | Blogs

6 Reasons Why It Pays to Invest in a DNA Test for Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their children, and thus they toil for many years to ensure they are well supported until they can finally stand on their own two feet. Along with providing them with their basic needs, it is also prevalent among Singaporean families to spend hundreds to thousands a month on supplemental classes and developmental programs to further improve their little ones.

However, despite all the money and effort you and your child put in, there is no guarantee that the talents and abilities you have focused on will come to fruition. If realised too late, this may lead to regrets and other problems that could negatively hinder them in their journey to success.

But what if that does not have to be the case? By undergoing a gene and personality DNA test in Singapore, you can scientifically decode your child’s inborn talents and aptitudes that are not readily obvious in their early years. Below, we discuss the six top reasons why genetic testing pays dividends in maximising your child’s fullest potential.


1. Achieve better time management

By going through the traditional parenting method of trial-and-error, parents may miss the opportunity to nurture their child’s inborn talents and leave them dormant, repressing natural gifts that could have drastically changed their lives.

Moreover, the time spent on this approach will ultimately go to waste as nothing substantial may ever benefit their child. By learning where your child stands with their genetic makeup, you can better invest your time and efforts in the right classes and programs that will bear actual results.


2. Plan your development strategy more effectively

A good development strategy and environment are naturally crucial in nourishing a child’s gifts and abilities, but what if they innately lack these talents? If pushed, they will have to double their efforts to keep up and may even feel miserable as they only achieve partial development because they do not possess the right genes.

In contrast, learning the areas they are skilled in through gene testing helps you as a parent plan a more effective development strategy that ensures they will not just be mediocre or at an ordinary level but well beyond.


3. Enjoy substantial cost-savings

Given that money does not grow on trees, every dollar spent on your child’s education should ideally not go to waste. Having a DNA test that serves as a guide ensures you spend precious financial resources on developing aspects about your child that truly matter and letting them reach their full potential.


4. Adopt the right parenting approach

Besides inborn talents, DNA gene tests in Singapore can also provide insights into your child’s personality traits. Knowing the reason behind your child’s behaviour allows you to adopt more effective disciplining strategies and adjust your parenting approach that best suits their inherited personality.


5. Give your child a tremendous head start

Everything we have covered so far allows you as a parent to groom your child in the best way possible. By perfectly matching your child’s natural talent and abilities with the right nurturing approach and environment, they can get a significant head start in life and outpace their peers at school, work, and beyond.


6. Ensure a happier parent-child relationship

Friction naturally arises when parents force their kids to do something they are neither good at nor enjoy. This becomes more prevalent when it comes to big life decisions like choosing a college degree, where many disputes happen since parents and their children often do not see eye to eye. Sharing the same goal prevents unnecessary conflict, big or small and ensures you and your child enjoy a happier and closer relationship.



Since everyone only gets one shot at life, many may wish to do things right in their formative years to achieve the success they desire in the future. If you are ready to send your child down the right track according to their genes, Map My Gene is the premier DNA test provider you can trust. Our gene testing kits include the Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT), which lets you accurately identify your children’s natural gifts, personality traits, fitness, sports aptitude, and many other key insights. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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