“Scientists Identify 52 Genes linked to Intelligence”- The Straits Times

In a significant advance in the study of mental ability, a team of European and American scientists announced this week that they had identified 52 genes linked to intelligence in nearly 80,000 people.

“DNA Mapping to Recognize the Potential of Talents”-

Map My Gene, a genetic test company since 2009 from the United States, is now present in Indonesia to introduce Native Born Talent Genetic Test to determine the hidden talents that even a child can start in newborns and Genetic Susceptibility Tests Disease.

“Map My Gene offers genetic mapping of illness vulnerability to Jakartans”- The Jakarta Post

A genetic testing company from the United States called Map My Gene recently started offering to test Jakarta children for Illness Vulnerability and Talent.

“如何发现孩子的天赋美国Map My Gene首次在我国推广”-

从出生两个星期的婴儿,通过先天遗传测试,就已可以判断孩子的天赋。美国基因检测专家Map My Gene首次在我国推介脱氧核糖核酸(DNA)检测,能从科学技术证明的准确性达95%。

“Find Your Child’s Talent with DNA Mapping”-

Child talent can be detected since the baby was two weeks through genetic testing innate birth. The first method of DNA mapping (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) was introduced Map My Gene, a genetic test specialist from the United States, which can be proven scientifically with an accuracy of 95%.

“Pemetaan DNA Untuk Kenali Potensi Bakat Terpendam”- Rakyat Merdeka

Map My Gene, salah satu spesialis tes genetika sejak 2009 dari Amerika Serikat, kini hadir di Indonesia untuk memperkanlkan Tes Genetik Bakat Bawaan Lahir untuk mengetahui bakat terpendam anak yang bahkan dapat dimulai pada bayi yang baru lahir dan Tes Genetik Kerentanan Penyakit. Metode pemetaan bakat ini merupakan pertama kalinya di Indonesia, sudah terbukti secara ilmiah dengan akurasi mencapai 95%.

“Know The Littles’ Talent With DNA Mapping”-

Knowing the potential and talent of the little since early is certainly very profitable, Moms & Dads. With the DNA mapping method, Moms & Dads not only can understand the potential, talent and character of the child, but also become easier to direct it to the activities that fit even the right future career.

“Detecting the Future of a Bright Child”-

As long as it is well directed towards the interests and talents, chances are your toddler will become a successful person. This can be detected since the baby, and is known through genetic testing of innate talent.

“Interview with Map My Gene”- Gold 90.5FM Jamie Yeo

It is a privilege to be on air with Jamie Yeo live on Gold 90.5FM.

“Interview with Map My Gene”- Kiss 92FM Loretta Lopez

It is a privilege to be on air with Loretta Lopez live on Kiss 92FM.

“Local Team Develops Ways to Predict Heart Disease”- The Straits Times

Family members of people with heart disease will soon be able to tell if their genes predispose them to getting it as well. A group of cardiologists and scientists who have been conducting clinical trials here found they are able to predict the likelihood of someone developing coronary heart disease, with an 83 per cent accuracy rate.

“Recognize the Potential Talent”-

The future of Little One can actually be determined through genes that have existed in the body since we were born. Every human being is born with different genetics. Genetics contains essential information about the potential of an individual towards intelligence, which can be known through this test so that it can be a solution to discover our hidden talents.

“Map My Gene-DNA Testing for Kids!”-

As a parent, don’t you think it would be fantastic to know beforehand your child’s strengths and weaknesses and even diseases that might be hidden in the family line? Now you can, with DNA profiling.

“4 Genetic Test Facts as a step to Anticipate Early Illness”-

Through various studies, experts find genetic factors have a role in determining the risk of a person experiencing a disease in the future. Of course this risk will be increased if the lifestyle is bad, or otherwise will decrease if the lifestyle is healthy. Click to find out more about the 4 benefits of this genetic test as a precautionary measure of disease.

“孩子什么科? DNA 一验就知道”- Lian He Wan Bao《联合晚报》

未来孫燕姿? 冯天薇? 将来当教授? 还是画家?

Singapore Star

Honoured to meet Jacelyn Tay (郑秀珍) as one of our happy and satisfied customers.

“Genes Can Reveal Your Future, How Do You Do?”-

The diversity of genes possessed by every human makes each individual has attributes such as different postures, skin colors, eyes and hair.Without us knowing, the future of humans can also actually be determined through genes that have existed in the body from birth.

“Through Genetic Tests, You can Recognize Child Talent Early”-

Which one is more influential in one’s success in a field, nature or nurture aka genetically innate talent or parenting? Some people may argue that genetics play a stronger role, on the contrary there are others who say more foster parenting role. However, as Albert Einstein says, every child can be a genius if he gets the right support according to his potential. The bottom line is both the same influence,

“Can DNA Determine Your Personality & Talent?”-

In general, researchers found that 50 percent of our personality is passed down through genes, including obedience to authority, susceptibility to stress, and the desire to pursue risks. In fact, according to the researchers, our IQ is also 70 percent influenced by genetic and 30 percent by the environment.

“DNA Mapping- The New Trend in Health Checks”- Health Matters

Scientific knowledge is advancing at a breakneck speed. One such recent advancement is the completion of the Human Genome Map or the Human Book of Life in 2006, with the complete sequencing the last and largest chromosome- Dr. Wong Yoke Meng, Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Paragon Medical Centre

“Can DNA Determine your Personality & Talent?”-

Until now, people still recognize the genetic test as a method to trace ancestors and their disease potential. However, Map My Gene, an emerging US genetic testing company, claims that their Genetic Talent Test of Birth has an accuracy of up to 95 percent in predicting 46 children’s general potential through DNA. These 46 common potentials include personality, artistic talent, intellectual acumen, emotional intelligence, exercise skills, sensitivity, physical health, and addiction identification.

“Genetic Tests Can Detect Little Talent From Early”-

The rapid development of science and health technology makes everything easy to detect, including identifying hidden talents and a person’s illness. It can be done by genetic testing.

“Gen Bisa Ungkap Masa Depan Anda, Bagaimana Caranya? Intip Yuk!”-

Keberagaman gen yang dimiliki oleh setiap manusia membuat masing-masing individu memiliki atribut seperti postur, warna kulit, mata dan rambut yang berbeda. Tanpa kita sadari, masa depan manusia juga sebenarnya dapat ditentukan melalui gen yang telah ada dalam tubuh sejak lahir.

“Medicine For Tomorrow- DNA Mapping”- Wawasan

Perkembangan baru terapi gen yang diharapkan menjadi solusi penanganan berbagi penyakit, justru menyadarkan kita untuk kembali ke alam dengan mengembalikan status kesehatan yang utamanya bersifat preventif serta mendorong kemampuan tubuh untuk menyembuhkan dirinya sendiri- Dr. Anton Budiono, Medical Doctor

“Genetic Test, Find Talent and Child Disease”-

The genetics contain essential information about the potential of an individual toward intelligence, through which this test can be a solution to finding our finite talents. From the results of this DNA mapping can also find a person’s physical condition, including susceptibility and endurance of the disease.

“Child’s Talent Can Be Detected Early Through Genetic Tests”-

The development of science and technology increasingly rapid health makes everything easy to detect, including identify the hidden talents and illness of a person. It can be done by genetic testing.

Map My Gene Team Field Trip

Map My Gene Team Field trip with our staff and physicians.

Map My Gene Franchise Recruitment Seminar

Map My Gene Franchise Recruitment Seminar featuring Singapore artist Edmund Chen.

“Introducing Map My Gene Singapore”- Channel News Asia

D-N-A, 3 Simple letters but they make up our bodies very complex blueprints. Millions of DNA moelcules will determine our color of our hair, our eyes, how tall we will grow, and if we will be able to walk or talk. But can they also predict if we will be the next Einstein? While, some businesses in Singapore are saying YES!