Disease Susceptibility Gene Test

From One-Size-Fits-All to Personalized Health Prevention

 The advent of Science has empowered us to detect what kind of genes we inherit from our parents. Identifying the genes underlying susceptibility to human diseases represents a major breakthrough in biomedical research. 

The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test (DSGT) helps you identify defective genes inherited from your ancestors which put you at risk of developing certain kinds of diseases. This predictive test covers a total of 100 the most prevalent diseases of today and the level of risk for each disease.

 Prevention is better than cure. If we can take a step further to PREDICT what diseases we are at risk for, we can PREEMPT by adopting targeted prevention or interventions to switch off the genes long before they have a chance to cause an illness. What nutrigenomics teach is that there is no one-size-fits-all diet that works for everyone. Different body metabolize and store macronutrients differently. Thanks to the advancement in Nutritional Sciences, we now know that our genes play an important role in how our nutrition affects our health. Through this genetic information, we are able to provide personalized dietary and preventive health solutions and help you understand what changes you could make to improve your health.

Knowing your genetic risks early in life allows for effective prevention of diseases. This is done by making necessary alterations to your lifestyle and diet, avoiding triggers that would switch on the mutated genes by following the personalized health recommendations included in this genetic test report.


The DSGT covers the following:

Disease Susceptibility Gene Test 

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