Inborn Talent Gene Test

DNA Testing - Crystal Balling Your Child's Future

Imagine trying to raise your child into an excellent individual. Knowing that this is no menial task, how do you plan to raise him/her up? The trial and error approach is already a thing of the past. This is because the advent of science and biotechnology had made it possible for us to predict, intervene and develop our child's natural talents early through the use of genetic testing to raise extremely successful kids.

What if you could hold a crystal ball and look into your child's future? Would you allow your child to excel in his true and best potential or would you continue to let him live life confused and not give him the answers to be his best self? 

One thing parents need to know is that your children's CORE STRENGTH is different from their INTEREST. They might have an interest to pursue something they are not good at just because they see their friends doing it and want to follow suit, however their interest can change over time. After a while, they may lose interest in what they initially pursue. This same scenario causes both University U-turn and switching of careers. Therefore, by taking the gene test early in life, your child would save time and money. The test report also includes a Career Profiling assessed based on your child's unique abilities discovered from the gene test. This profile will provide your child with good educational and career guidance.

Genetic testing is a tool that determines what you can do best. Knowing one's strengths and weaknesses early in life helps to create a path forward that is both fulfilling and purposeful to the individual. 


The Missing Puzzle – FOUND

A successful future for your child begins only when you decide to invest in your child's future. The choice is in your hands. 

The Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) helps parents like you discover your child’s talents and personality traits that may not be obvious at a young age. Knowing your child’s genetic make-up helps you align their activities with their gifts in order to bring out the best in them. It also allows you to intervene in their weaknesses at an early stage before it takes root in your child.

Nature versus Nurture - Which Is More Important?

To bring out the best in your child, you must be able to make use of both nature and nurture. However, most parents in Asia gravitate too much toward influence and control. They believe that with enough encouragement and support, their kid can become who they want them to be. On the contrary, most people in the West carry this preconceived notion that nature will trump everything else and children should be given full autonomy to go pursue whatever they like without focusing on their talent developments. 

Truth is, both nature and nurture were found to contribute substantially to a child's development. It is clear that a more accurate question to ask ourselves is that whether our children have the RIGHT gene-environment interaction in their upbringing which will bring forth their talent expressions through the process of turning on their good genes that cause them to excel in life. The table below serves as an illustration of the aforementioned hypothesis where nature without nurture can only produce subpar results, and vice versa.


CAREER Profiling

According to John Holland's theory, everyone has a dominance in one of six natural inclinations. This profile serves as a reliable roadmap for you to plan your child’s path towards educational and career success.


5 Inborn Talent Gene Test Mini Packages


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The IQ Gene Test is comprised of 9 different Personality Attributes and Traits. Click on this link Intelligence Quotient Gene Test to read more.
The EQ Gene Test is comprised of 9 different Personality Attributes and Traits. Click on this link Emotional Quotient Gene Test to read more.
The Artistic Gene Test is comprised of 8 different Personality Attributes and Traits. Click on this link Artistic Gene Test to read more.
The Physical, Sports, and Wellness Gene Test is comprised of 14 different Personality Attributes and Traits. Click on this link Physical, Sports, and Wellness Gene Test to read more.



Inborn Talent Gene Test Full Package

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