2. IQ Gene Test

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  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Gene Test Results
  • Informative descriptions of each gene
  • Expert Suggestions on Talent Development

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The IQ Gene Test is comprised of 9 different Intelligent attributes. Although each trait may contain its own unique characteristics, when put together, create a very informative report of how intelligent one could be when nurtured correctly. The following are brief descriptions of each Intelligence Quotient trait. 

People with this gene are gifted with natural business acumen and display strong leadership, willing to take risks, and are quick to make decisions. 

This gene is what we know and refer to as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It determines the level of logic one has inherited but could be further developed if nurtured correctly. 

Those who can understand easily without having to repeat the flow of information are most likely to be in possession of this gene. Basically, this gene determines how fast one could grasp information.

The ability to crack down information and identify the root cause of a problem stems from one's capacity to analyze.

One who is gifted with the memory gene carries the ability to remember experiences or scenes even after it was long forgotten by others. 

Reading Ability
The capacity to understand, analyze, summarize, reflect, appreciate, and evaluate, falls under the reading ability gene. Those who do not carry this gene will find reading mundane and difficult.

This gene determines how long of an attention span one has for a specific task. 

The more creative you are, the higher your creativity gene. Those who can think outside the box and are unconventional in their ways of thinking are often gifted with the creativity gene in their DNA repository.

One who can conceptualize an idea without seeing the object in front of him is gifted with the imagination gene. Those who carry this gene tend to become designers where they carry the natural ability to imagine and bring that imagination to reality.


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