5. Physical, Sports, and Wellness Gene Test

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  • Physical, Sports, and Wellness Gene Test Results
  • Informative descriptions of each gene
  • Expert Suggestions on Talent Development

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This Test Package is a combination of Physical, Sports, and Wellness Genes and is comprised of 14 different traits. Although each trait may contain its own unique characteristics, when put together, create a very informative report. The following are brief descriptions of each trait. 

The genetic propensity to how tall you can be. 

This gene reflects the level of obesity your body may adapt to based on inherited genes. However, your environment also plays an important role in achieving your desired body mass through proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet.

People with this gene carry the natural tendency to push through physical pain in order to achieve the desired goal. 

The sprint gene enables one to experience a short burst in energy levels in the human body.

Technique gene refers to how good one could be with his/her hands that require proper technique. This could be seen in driving skills, cooking, repairing cars, and more. 

Training Adaptation
This gene allows one to see substantial results after working out. The body could quickly adapt to the level of physical exercise one chooses to embark on.

Sports Psychology
A person with strong willpower to win often carries a good winning attitude before the competition. This has got to do with the sports psychology gene where one carries the natural hunger and drive to achieve what he truly desires.

Tendency to Sports Injury
Some carry greater resistance to bruises and scars, while some bleed more easily than others. Hence, those who carry this gene are more likely to suffer physical injuries when involved in contact sports.

General Wellness
People with this gene do not fall sick easily and they tend to carry a stronger immune system as compared to those without this gene.

General Addiction

The addiction gene determines how easy it is for one to become engrossed in addictions such as video games, unhealthy habits, gambling, and etc. 

Sensitivity to Second-hand Smoke

The level to which your body responds to second-hand smoke that could greatly influence your physical health and wellness.

Insensitivity to Second-hand Smoke

The level of resistance your body has toward second-hand smoke.


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