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Learn from your Past to take Control of your Future - Genetic Testing



 "..being able to look into my DNA to realize my genetic make-up is amazing because I wouldn't want to find out years from now that I've developed a disease I could have avoided had I done a Genetic Test today. This powerful information empowers me to be in control of my destiny." Jack Chen

The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test is a genetic test which is developed to detect the presence of any Disease Susceptible Gene, by looking in the genome of an individual.
  The Inborn Talent Genetic Test reveals the inherited and endowed innate talents of a child scientifically from the genetic makeup of his/her DNA.

Prof Louis Ptacek M.D Dept of Neurology, UCSF ?"People talk about nature vs. nurture, genetic vs. environment, I think this is a ludicrous argument to even be having because absolutely everything is Genetic, it is also true that everything is Environment."

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  Map My Gene offers a full spectrum of biological discovery resources and expertise to meet the needs of the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The state-of-the-art Biotechnology Services will ensure a new pathway to the Business of Genetics/Genomics.  
  We invite you to learn more about Map My Gene's services and our team of Internationally respected scientists. Determine for yourself the positive impact that collaborating with Map My Gene can have on the success of your Preventive Healthcare / Talents & Traits Management Programs.  

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