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More details on genetic testing, gene mapping and genome mapping services


Inborn Talent Genetic Test

Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test

Nutritional and Psychological Counselling

Why Genetic Testing?

Want to know what your genes say about you? According to geneticists, your genes could be saying quite a lot! Your genetics may dictate, for example, what foods you like, what diseases you are prone to develop, how smart you are, and likely factor into nearly every aspect of your being. It’s no wonder that some people would like to take a peek at their personal genetic blueprint – Dr. Francis Collins, The Daily Galaxy News – November 26 2008.

Map My Gene offers gene testing services for both Disease Susceptibility and Inborn Talents & Traits provided by our team of internationally respected scientists. Our state-of-the-art biotechnology services will ensure our clients a new pathway to a healthy and fulfilling life.

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