What is the ITGT?

The ITGT (Inborn Talent Genetic Test) reveals the inherited and endowed inborn talents of a child scientifically from the genetic makeup of his/her DNA.  The test result will therefore help parents identify their children’s hidden talents that may not be obvious at a young age. Furthermore, it also reveals some personality traits that the child [...]

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What does it do for me and my child?

The test allows you to discover the innate talents that your child has been born with.  This will provide you with an insight on the areas that your child is more likely to excel in, which will allow you to plan for his/her development accordingly. The other aspect of the test also allows you to understand [...]

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For who is the ITGT recommended?

In general, the ITGT is suitable for anyone at any age as it is able to provide a valuable insight for people at any stage of career, emotional or personality growth.  However it is most recommended for children below the age of 21, where they have many more life choices ahead of them.  Also, the younger [...]

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What is covered in the test?

The test covers 46 talents and traits of an individual. The categories include: Personality traits Artistic abilities/talents Intelligence abilities/IQ Emotional traits/EQ Athletic abilities Sensitivity Fitness Addiction propensity

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What do I do with my child’s test results?

The test results allow you to better plan your child’s development and grooming. Instead of relying on guesswork and a generous dose of luck, you now have a basis for the decisions and choices you make on your child’s behalf. You may take note of the discovered talents of your child, and design his/her development [...]

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Why should I want to know what inherent talents or personality traits my child is likely to have?

Knowing the inherent talents and personality traits that your child is likely to display allows for effective and efficient grooming for the child’s future.  Being able to now work on concrete information rather than guesswork or a fortune-teller’s advice allows the parents to channel efforts and resources towards developing aspects of the child where there are [...]

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At what age should I send my child for the test?

The earlier the child takes the test, the better it is due to the higher mould-ability in the characters of young children.  Also, at a younger age, it will be easy to set the foundations for children and all efforts and resources can be channelled towards a particular aspect of the child’s development at an [...]

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