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Inborn Talent Genetic Test – ITGT

Discover genetic variations that contribute to intelligence, personality characteristics, athletic performance, musical, linguistic, dancing, drawing, enterprising and other abilities. Planning for our children’s education has never been this efficient and cost-effective before.

Most parents don’t really know the true talents of their children. Only a few would pay close attention to identify some of their children’s hidden talents and abilities. The usual modus operandi would be to go on a trial and error system of putting their children into different types of Talent Classes until they could hit one that they think would suit them. Not very effective, is it parents?

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Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test – DSGT

Discover genetic variations that contribute to immunity and disease risks. By providing insight into your genes through genetic testing, it helps you to take action steps toward a healthier and longer life. Pre-emptive capabilities means earlier detection and and better treatment options, and ultimately, True Optimal Wellness.

Most people do not know if they have some genetic disorders that are inherited and when coupled with environmental factors, renders them prone to developing diseases early in life.  Prevention is always better than cure. Genetic testing enables us to identify our risk of diseases early and take right steps to protect our health.  Prevention can become much more effective when we are given the ‘know how’ through genetic knowledge and a Personalized Health Management report generated from your gene test result.

  • Genetic testing for the most accurate results

  • Simple, painless procedure performed in minutes—no needles, invasive procedures or blood involved

  • Samples tested in multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art laboratory employing the latest American technology

  • Total confidentiality assured

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