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How do I know if my child is gifted?

Children start exhibiting a variety of behaviors from a young age, and it is also during this period of time that they require the most attention from parents so that their potential can be discovered and further developed into real skill sets which will benefit them later in life.

Some tell-tale signs that your child is gifted:

Learning abilities:
Your child is able to understand concepts very quickly without much explanation.
He is able to memorize new information very quickly and accurately.

Academic ability:
Your child demonstrates consistent good grades across different subjects and is able to understand all lessons learnt in school and complete his assignments without much guidance.

Words that your child use are more sophisticated than those of other children his age and possess an exceptionally large vocabulary.   He is able to express himself clearly and argue his point eloquently

Displays a great curiosity about objects, situations and events and asks provocative questions
Provides very alert and rapid answers to questions when asked.

With all these tell-tale signs to look out for, it may be confusing at times to know if a certain exhibited behavior to be a genuine one.  In addition, it is vital that problems your child might be facing in his/her learning process are identified and recognized by parents early so that the problems can be resolved with early interventions before they become irreversible.

Given that every child is unique and special in their own way, it is not an easy task to distinguish a real talent trait and potential learning problem of a child by simply observing and guessing.  Guessing is gambling.  We can’t afford to gamble away our child’s future.

A practical way would be to go for the Inborn Talent Genetic Test  as it can accurately help parents identify their children’s hidden talents that may not be obvious at a young age.  It also reveals some personality traits that the child may possess, judging from his/her genetic make-up to help parents adopt the right and the effective child discipline accordingly.

Don’t let your children’s natural talents go to waste!  They are meant to be outstanding and successful individuals…if nurtured right!