3 Surprisingly Cool Things That DNA Testing Can Do

Sep 27, 2022 | Blogs

3 Surprisingly Cool Things That DNA Testing Can Do

DNA testing is becoming prevalent these days, and for several good reasons. Contrary to popular belief, DNA testing is performed for reasons other than simply determining one’s ancestral roots. There are plenty of surprising things that a DNA test can do, such as identifying attributes that your child may be predisposed to. 

A DNA test is much more versatile than you might think. Continue reading to learn more about the most remarkable benefits a DNA test can provide for you and your child!


1. Assist in assessing your child’s development potential

Talent is innate and may be a hereditary gift hardwired into an individual’s identity. Genes play a significant role in this. In recent years, it has been discovered that genetic variables contribute significantly to a variety of skills across diverse areas of artistic, athletic, and intellectual abilities.

In other words, you can determine and nurture your child’s innate talent early on by simply looking at their genetic makeup. One of the best ways to do this is to have them undergo a DNA test called the Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT). This increasingly prominent type of scientific DNA test helps you as a parent uncover your children’s inborn talents at an early age, allowing them to be developed per your child’s inherent potential.


2. Help understand your child’s behaviour

Aside from aptitude, behaviour is an integral aspect of life with heritable components. It’s known that an individual’s behaviour is a joint product of hereditary environmental factors. This suggests that some behaviours can be learned, but there are other behaviours that a person is genetically predisposed to develop.

These genes contain information that generates proteins, which can form in numerous combinations, all of which alter one’s behaviour. Having said that, it’s vital to remember that even with such genetic makeup, a person’s behaviour can still be influenced by their surroundings, especially during their formative years. Allowing your child to take a DNA personality test is an excellent place to start if you want to know what characteristics or behaviours your child is genetically predisposed to.


3. Map out your child’s career

A genetic test, such as the Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT), assists parents in decoding their child’s intrinsic skills and abilities that may not be immediately evident at an early age. Giving your child a head start in good nurturing will help them realise their greatest potential.

The genetic test examines 46 abilities and characteristics, with test findings including a Career Profiling based on your child’s unique skills discovered through DNA testing. You will then be given insightful information and expert suggestions on how to adequately foster and develop your child’s character and talents, thereby identifying their educational and career aspirations.



Apart from determining one’s ancestry, DNA testing may be used for plenty of cool things. Indeed, DNA tests are not only for those people who wish to map their family tree. If you want to learn more about your child’s personality traits, innate talent, athletic disposition, and disease susceptibility, then DNA testing is the way to go!

Here at Map My Gene, we offer accurate and dependable DNA kit testing in Singapore for all your needs. Whatever your objective, the precision and dependability of our DNA testing will undoubtedly aid you in achieving it. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our ITGT can help you uncover your child’s personality traits and natural abilities.

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