Understanding Artistic Children: Are They Born or Taught?

Sep 19, 2022 | Blogs

Understanding Artistic Children: Are They Born or Taught?

Everyone knows at least one individual who is talented in the arts, does not run out of creative juices, and can draw a highly realistic portrait freehand without formal training. In truth, there is a significant number of children who fit this description. Several art schools all over the globe have been established over the past decades to cater to children with exceptional artistic abilities.

Therefore, a common question is: Is creativity or artistic ability an inborn trait? Is it feasible to predict whether your child will excel in the arts by undergoing a DNA gene test? If you are one curious parent who wants to know if your child has the chance of becoming the next Picasso, this article is for you! Below, we explore whether or not there is a hereditary aspect to being an artist.


Can Artistic Abilities Be Inherited?

The simple answer is yes. Artistic abilities can be inherited in the same way that eye colour is. Numerous research studies, in the opinion of clinic and forensic psychologist John Paul Garrison, suggest neurological foundations exist for artistic or creative individuals. Based on the information available, there is a strong likelihood that hereditary influences shape a person’s aptitude for creativity.


What the Research Studies Say 

The notion that talent is innate or hereditary has long been the subject of growing research. For instance, some researchers assert that musical aptitude is somewhat heritable. Their findings suggest that genes associated with chromosome 4 can influence a person’s ability to process auditory information and understand pitch. Some researchers also claim a positive correlation exists between genes affiliated with dopamine and creativity. These findings essentially link creativity with mental illness, which likewise has a genetic component.

Many recent studies have similarly attempted to find some link between creativity and genetics. However, although their findings seem to have a promising answer to the question of whether artistry is heritable, many researchers acknowledge at the same time the fact that a lot of research still needs to be done.

At present, no single study has conclusively demonstrated the link between creativity and genetics. But if all of the facts are taken into account holistically, the answer that everyone has been waiting for appears to be yes.


Introducing the Inborn Talent Gene Test

If you want to determine and develop your child’s possible natural gifts, one of the best ways you can do so is to have them undergo the Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT). ITGT is a type of DNA test whose aim is to assist parents in discovering their children’s innate talents and aptitudes that may not be apparent at an early age.

ITGT typically covers an array of categories, such as artistry, IQ, and sports. Through this test, you can particularly have the chance to identify whether your child has an aptitude for drawing, dancing, singing, or any other ability. This will not only help you understand your child’s distinctiveness, but it will ultimately assist you and your child in planning their education and career paths.



There is a strong likelihood that artistic ability or creativity is inherited. However, even if a person’s talent is primarily determined by their genetics, this does not necessarily mean that the influences of their environment can be disregarded. Even if a child is born with an innate gift for singing, dancing, or sketching, if they are reared in a home that does not foster their creative aspirations, their talent is unlikely to blossom into a rewarding career path.

Knowing your child’s potential intrinsic ability can help nurture and encourage their talent to flourish as much as possible. For this purpose, Map My Gene’s ITGT is what you will require. Our ITGT evaluates 46 abilities and qualities in eight categories: personality traits, IQ, EQ, art, addiction, sports, physical fitness, and others, such as sensitivity/insensitivity to second-hand smoke.

If you are prepared to guide your child down the path determined by their genes, Map My Gene is a leading DNA test company you can rely on. Our DNA personality test includes the Inborn Talent Gene Test (ITGT), which enables you to precisely pinpoint the inherent talents, character traits, physical fitness, sporting propensity, and many other crucial insights of your children. For more information about our reliable services, feel free to contact us today.

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